Alumnia | 2022
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december 2022

December 2022

2022 has been a crazy year. While the geopolitical bonds between nations have gotten much more tense and the price of living has risen significantly, our life has opened up again with the COVID-19 measures being lifted completely (and let’s hope that stays that way). With so many...

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scope sept 22

September 2022

The SCOPE in front of you is a special one. Besides being the last edition for me as a chief editor, it is also the first edition which is only available online for Industria members. If you are reading this SCOPE via the Industria App, but realize...

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scope june 2022

June 2022

Dear reader, As you probably know, sustainability is a hot topic on the news these days. Within Industria, we are also looking for ways to make the association more sustainable. As you can see on the left page, we made the choice to digitalize the SCOPE as of...

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April 2022

Dear reader, In the past month, the relaxation of the corona rules was one of the main topics in the news. I think we are all happy that we can see each other in real life instead of via Teams. For me, as a board member of Industria,...

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