Alumnia | April 2022
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Dear reader,

In the past month, the relaxation of the corona rules was one of the main topics in
the news. I think we are all happy that we can see each other in real life instead of
via Teams. For me, as a board member of Industria, this means that we can arrange
almost all activities without restrictions. Ofcourse, this is much better compared to last
November’s total lockdown. Like many things in life, my board year proceeds with peaks
and valleys. For now, it is important to look at the bright future, which is also the theme
of this edition.

This edition contains various articles about the theme ‘Into the Future’. Lars Geerlings
interviewed Lonneke Makhija about the founding of Finaps, Maiky Geerman spoke
with Atos about the future of knowledge workers and Sander Roeleven talks about
the innovations and future plans of ProRail. Moreover, Bob van Ginkel interviewed
Rijkswaterstaat about the mobility model for the future and Vita Broeken talks about the
potential futures at Prodrive.

Next to this, Niek de Jong talks about his exchange semester in Copenhagen and Jorg
Schoenmakers about his extra-curricular activities. Stefano Dimastrapasqua talks about
the future of 3D printing and Bauke Wijnands writes about preparing the future without
a crystal ball. Columns of Kenneth Braakman, Daan van Strien and Lynette Haksel , the
Alumnia update and Alumnia speaking can be found on the last pages.

To keep the tradition going, I will end with a poem:
‘‘Building your future
With each chance you take
Living the dream
From which you cannot wake’’ – Ms Moem

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