Alumnia | March 2023
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Dear reader,

After Industrial Engineering, we have close to an infinite amount of job opportunities in
a wide field of interest (as you will read later in this edition). Companies offer many
traineeships, starter jobs and other opportunities for you to find the right fit for your
future. However, how do you find that perfect job? This edition of SCOPE will tell you
what various companies offer you as an Industrial Engineer, and what your thriving
future might potentially look like.

This edition contains various articles about the future as an Industrial Engineer. Sara
Casado Rodriguez interviewed Bas Gielen from Foot Locker about the opportunities in
various positions at their company. Bauke Wijnands interviewed the CEO Lorenzo
Engelen of Nimbus, where he found his first job as an Industrial Engineer. Fleur
Machielsen talked to Frank Kuitems of Atos about their digital future, while Marijn
spoke with Michael de Graaf to discuss their standpoints on sustainability and what
working at the company would look like. Nynke Theunissen finally investigates the
widest possibilities for an Industrial Engineer to start in.

Furthermore, Eva Henckens and Rebecca Soons respectively talk about their time
studying abroad in Berlin and Taipei. C.I.T.I. gives a recap on their most recent travel to
Romanian capital Bucharest. To show the entrepeneurial side of Industrial Engineers,
Maiky Geerman spoke to Job van Beek about his start-up Piplab, while spotlight
highlights Jeroen Sassen and his start-up Heimdall Sensor Intelligence. Farah Schepens,
Rosan Kolff and chairman of Alumnia Tom Koks end this edition with columns and the
alumnia board update.

To get you ready for this edition, a poem full of inspiration:

‘Celebrate the heroes of change,
And the difference they make every day.
For without their efforts, we would have stayed,
In the past, without progress, without a way’

Enjoy reading this edition of the SCOPE.


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