Alumnia | June 2022
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Dear reader,

As you probably know, sustainability is a hot topic on the news these days. Within
Industria, we are also looking for ways to make the association more sustainable. As you
can see on the left page, we made the choice to digitalize the SCOPE as of September
2022. No worries for the students that do want to get a physical SCOPE, you can buy a
free ticket via the QR-code! If you buy a ticket, you will get physical copies of the SCOPE
during the academic year of 2022-2023. Nonetheless, you can always read the digital
edition in the Industria App, or on the website (

This edition contains various articles about the theme ‘The Bright Side’. Joost van der
Haar spoke with EY about the way to technology. Sander Roeleven interviewed Susie
Kuhn, President of Foot Locker about the missions and visions of Foot Locker. Fleur
Machielsen visited Only Friends and Lars Geerlings spoke with Enzo Drijvers about the
SAP traineeship form Itrainee. Next to this, Bauke Wijnands interviewed Marjan van
Loon, the president-director of Shell, about the vision to become a nero zet emmisions
energy business.

Moreover, Kenneth Braakman talks about his exchange semester in Linköping and Eva
Henckenks gives an overview of past C.I.T.I. activities. Next to this, Niek de Jong spoke
with Maarten van der Laars about the situation in Ukraine. Vita Broeken spoke with
different people from the department to discuss the topics of mental health and wellbeing.
Morover, the committee members of Eindhoven Career Platform give an update
about the platform. Columns of Daan van Strien, Lynette Haksel and Marijn Konings,
the Alumnia update and Alumnia speaking can be found on the last pages.

Let’s end with a poem that connects to the theme:

‘There is only one way,
To be succesful in life,
Always look on the bright, brighter and brightest
Side of life’


Read the SCOPE of June 2022 here.