Alumnia | September 2022
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The SCOPE in front of you is a special one. Besides being the last edition for me as a chief
editor, it is also the first edition which is only available online for Industria members. If
you are reading this SCOPE via the Industria App, but realize that you would rather read
the physical one, reminder that you still can get a free ticket via If you
have a ticket for the physical SCOPE, you can pick it up at our boardroom (Atlas 2.328).

This edition contains various articles about the theme ‘Shortages. Nynke Theunissen
spoke with Alex Heanen of Acccenture about their goals with hyper automation. Sander
Roeleven interviewed Student Consultant about their goals of the future and Fleur
Machielsen visited Advantech to discuss the issue of shortages. Furthermore, Marijn
Konings interviewed AME to discuss shortages in material and Joost van der Haar wrote
an article about how the world is dealing with food shortages in times of crisis.

Next to this, Bauke Wijnands discussed the future of Mobility as a Service with Oktay
Türetken and Rogier Zondag reveals the theme of the 39th congress. Moreover, Niek de
Jong spoke with Max Sturkenboom about his new role within the ESTIEM Board and the
59th Industria Board introduces herself. The Alumnia update, Alumnia speaking and
the columns can be found on the last pages.

Now, there is nothing left for me to do than thank you for everything. Last year, it was a
pleasure to be the chief editor of the SCOPE. It is time for me to pass the baton to my
successor Marijn Konings. Thank you for reading the SCOPE last year and have fun
reading my last edition.


Read the SCOPE of September 2022 here.