Alumnia | Keynote Lezing: Randsomware

Keynote Lezing: Randsomware

Ransomware: will your data be the next hostage?
On May the 12th this year, the biggest cyberattacks in the history of the internet took place: A ransomware named WannaCry rushed over the web, infecting more than 200.00 machines. Few weeks later, another attack wave attacks took place (a variation of Petya), focused on causing as much damage as possible. The software targeted mostly companies in the Ukraine, but also companies like TNT and APM Terminals in Rotterdam became victims.
As cyberattacks like WannaCry are here to stay, it will impact you too. Pieter van Houten, Corporate Information Security Officer at SHV and lecturer at the Amsterdam Business School, will show you how easily you can fall into a cyber trap and what you can do to evade them.
On the 2nd of Oktober, Alumnia presents this years keynote lecture about the world of cyberattacks. Make sure you’ll be there!