Alumnia | September 2021
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Let’s get English


September, the first month of a new academic year. Hopefully this time an academic year where students come back to campus, where The Villa will reopen and where interviews for the SCOPE can be done at companies instead of online.

After reading the first paragraph, you are probably thinking: ‘Why is the preface English?’ Well, each year, more and more international students start the bachelor Industrial Engineering. This leads to more internationals getting involved with Industria. So it is time to switch to an English association. Therefore, the SCOPE will be written in English from now on.

This edition, SCOPE collaborated with the European Supply Chain Forum to come up with relevant and interesting topics. During the summer holiday our editors worked hard to write the articles. In this edition I tell about ESCF and the roll of Artificial Intelligence within Supply Chains. Niek de Jong speaks about how AI changes markets. Vita Broeken talked with Vekoma and Heineken to give inisights in their supply chains and how they make them more safe and sustainable. Robert Geurten tells about the coordinating role of a branch organisation in the return chain of empty beer bottles. Caitlin Riesewijk spoke with ASML about the impact of COVID-19 on their supply chain and Joost van der Haar tells about Supply Chain Mining.

Moreover, in this edition Nynke Theunissen reveals the theme of the 38th congress and the 58th board introduces herself. The Alumnia update, Alumnia speaking and the columns can be found on the last pages.


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