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TBKx 2023 - Success stories 'behind every success is an even better story'


TBKx 2023 – "Success stories: behind every success is an even better story"

On the 29th of March, TBKx 2023 will host 5 speakers who will talk about their success stories. How did they reach the point of success they are at today? What hardships did they face and which sacrifices did they make? And how do they define their success? Get your ticket for this event here!

We are kicking off the evening at 17:30. The event will be hosted at the Domusdela (Kanaalstraat 4, Eindhoven). Free dinner and drinks are included! See you there*!

The 5 speakers are shortly introduced below:

Bob van der Meulen - “Success is not final, failure is not fatal”
Introducing Bob van der Meulen! Co-founder of the AI start-up Intense and the biggest student-run venture capital fund of the Netherlands, Round One. Being not just the founder of one, but two businesses, Bob knows what it takes to be an entrepreneur and he’s excited to share his experiences and insights with you. Would you like to become an entrepreneur too? Then don’t miss Bob’s TBKx talk on how he defines success as a young entrepreneur!

Oula Osman Abou - "Unmasking the Pain: Rejecting the idea that success is inherently tied to suffering"
Oula Osman Abou, a war survivor and a masters students of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in TU Eindhoven. She recounts her story from fleeing her homeland couple years after the Syrian revolution started until today. Join us as she shares the invaluable lessons about the meaning of success she learnt along the way.

Martie van Velsen - “How much luck is needed for success?"
Martie van Velsen is the Global Director of Atradius, responsible for the largest commercial unit that caters to multinational clients. Her leadership style is highly focused on gathering good people around her who take their own responsibility. She has gone through the entire company, worked in America, and has the healthy ambition to become the first woman on Atradius' Management Board.

Wilma Paulij
From being a successful scientist to teaching her own course for high school students. Wilma will tell you all about her definition of success, what motivated her, and that success can happen even when it is not the ultimate objective.

Francien van de Ven
Francien van de Ven will talk about her success in dementia care.


Please note that costs will be charged when not showing up during the event or when canceling your registration after the 26th of March.

* It is also possible to join TBKx online. Please provide your preference when registering.

Start tijd: 17:30
Eind Tijd

Datum: 29 maart 2023


Eindhoven, Kanaalstraat 4
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